Suceava Fortress

Suceava Fortress

The Seat Fortress of Suceava, also known as the Suceava Fortress, is a fortress built in the Middle Ages, placed at the eastern edge of the city. It is located on the terminal heel of a plateau, 70 m above the plains of Suceava.

It offers a perfect view over the entire Suceava Valley. The Suceava Fortress was part of a fortified defence system built in Moldova at the end of the 14th century, when the Ottoman threat started looming over the territory. The medieval defence system comprised fortified venues (noble residences, high walled monasteries as well as strategic fortresses) built for protection purposes, surrounded by rock walls, by dirt fortifications or by deep ditches.

The Old Ruler’s Seat Fortress of Suceava was included on the list of historical monuments in Suceava, in 2004. As of 2006, the “Stefan cel Mare”  Medieval Arts Festival has been taking place at the Fortress, every year in August.

The theatre plays, the medieval practical jokes, the re-enactment of certain historic ceremonies based on old documents, the knight fights, the tournaments, the games, the medieval music and dances, they all attract a large number of visitors eager to escape their daily lives and experience the unique sensation of a trip to a long gone era.

Recently restored,  The Seat Fortress is open for visits and it is full of surprises for its guests:  in the evening, the night lighting system is switched on and the tourists can enjoy a light and sound show that is unique in Romania.

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