Plentiful dishes
Plentiful dishes



The hotel features a traditional restaurant in Suceava with a capacity of 100 seats, ideal for a Swedish Buffet Breakfast, for a business lunch or a special dinner.

Our a la care menu has delicious and unusual dishes, that can cater to every taste.

Among these dishes, you can find international cuisine items, with influences from countries like: Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, the chef’s speciality, as well as traditional dishes from Bucovina, which can always be found in this area and are very appreciated by tourists.

Recently renovated, with a minimalist furniture in elegant shades of black and white, the restaurant has an exclusive atmosphere, perfect for the choosiest clients.

During the hot season, we recommend our customers to serve their meals outdoors, on a specially constructed terrace, that can accommodate 20 people.

So, if you are looking for a fine traditional restaurant in Suceava, for business or leisure purpose, you are in the right place.


The restaurant is open every day, between 16:00 and 21:30. Also, you can have breakfast in the restaurant, every day from 06:30 to 10:00.

Restaurant Suceava


Our restaurant is emblematic for foreign delegations and high-ranking Romanian guests, who used to come here for our traditional mici (traditional Romanian dish made of minced meat), for a cold beer and for some salt-coated walnuts. We have preserved our good reputation over time, thanks to some special dishes like „Flora Bucovinei“, fish meatballs, grilled ram sticks, Radauti soup, mere încălțate (a traditional dessert), dip fried donuts with cheese,  sour cream and strawberry jam, raspberry with sour cream.

Restaurant Suceava


In the traditional culture of Bucovina, hospitality is an important ritual that must be performed when you are receiving guests.

In our view, hospitality is just as important as professionalism and our employees, with a comprehensive experience in the field of hospitality, will guide you in choosing the dishes that are the closest to your tastes, they will treat you like royalty and they will make you want to come back to us soon.


Our restaurant is well known not only for its tasty dishes, but also for the talent of a chef who has over 40 years of experience working in the former Arcașul Restaurant and in the Continental Suceava Hotel.

His attention to details and the grandiose look of the dishes in the menu are surpassed only by the memorable taste of his specialties.

If you visit us, don’t miss the chef’s specialty: turkey breast medallion with tomato jam, served with side baked potatoes with sage.

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